A Message from the TKC Chair: A vision for our future

As many of us come together for #NASPA13, we are presented with an opportunity to take a step back and evaluate what the Technology Knowledge Community (TKC) is, could be and should be. I am extremely excited about taking over as the National Chair of the KC. I am a passionate technology enthusiast with big dreams and plans for the future of OUR Knowledge Community. I have been working with a dynamic group of individuals who have joined our national leadership team, and we have been working since the start of 2013 planning and goal setting for the next term.

We see the TKC as more than just a repository of knowledge and resources. We believe strongly that it is our purpose to not only report and share resources, but also to generate knowledge. In that regard, I am happy to announce that starting in the fall of 2013 Digital will be reimagined and move from a quarterly newsletter to a biannual journal published digitally through the KC. Over the coming weeks and months we will be releasing information on the journal including submission guidelines and dates, as well as a more comprehensive overview of the journal. Too often publishing in extremely rigorous academic journals takes an exorbitant amount of time and pushes the limits on the timeliness of the articles being published, especially in-terms of technology. Digital will be peer-reviewed, but we hope to create a process that helps us get current technology research and knowledge directly into the hands of our constituents in a quick and timely manner.

While we do not want to lose the value of the newsletter component that we currently have with Digital, we recognize that the standard “newsletter” does not fit within the current best practices in technology. Standard newsletters are difficult to catalog and optimize for searchability and persons of all ability levels. With that in mind, the TKC will be launching a new WordPress Blog on April 1st. Content for the blog will be provided from a variety of sources and cover topics from open source technologies through graduate program technology integration and beyond. We will elicit content from TKC members as well as more broadly from our profession. This will be a location where we will keep content flowing and getting back to you.

As we re-envisioned what the TKC should do, it was important for us to recreate our leadership structure. An important component of our future success will be asking ourselves “What is this providing back to our profession?” as we create and evaluate programs. Our goal is for every program, idea, service and action that we initiate to contribute in some way to the TKC and the profession as a whole. For that reason, we have created a leadership structure that focuses our attention and is collaborative as opposed to hierarchical (see page 4). We currently have some vacancies on our team, if you’re interested in getting involved, please contact me and we can discuss where the best place for your involvement might be.

I am excited about this next year and ready to get to work. As we continue to redefine our KC we are looking for your input and feedback. What types of things do you want the TKC to do? We can only be successful if we establish a strong dialogue with our constituents and within our profession. Stay connected with the TKC by following us on Twitter (@NASPA_TKC) and joining our Facebook Group (http://bit.ly/NASPATKC_FacebookGroup).

Here’s to an incredible 2013-2014 for the TKC!


matt signature

Matt Brinton, M.A.

Chair | NASPA Technology Knowledge Community

Assistant Director of Student Activities | Metropolitan State University of Denver




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