#SATech Tweets of the Week

Lisa Endersby@lmendersby

Educational Institutions are Increasingly Using Social Media to Reach Donors, Alumni and Students http://bit.ly/YZwfkp  #satech #sachat

Joe Sabado@JoeSabado

Conference privileges – really good stuff here by @MarciKWalton #sachat #satech http://marcikwalton.wordpress.com/2013/04/14/conference-totes-our-very-own-invisible-knapsacks/ …

Ed Cabellon@EdCabellon

For the #SAtechOR croud: the @bridgestateu Student Affairs Social Media Handbook: http://bridgew.edu/studentaffairs/BSU_SA_SMHandbook.pdf … #satech

Wimer Alberto@WimerAlberto

6 Ways to Spring Clean Your #LinkedIn Profile http://zite.to/YkuUQw  #satech

Christopher Conzen@clconzen

Text Messages Can Increase Enrollment of Low-Income Students – http://buff.ly/10U09oN  #SATech

See an awesome #SATech tweet you’d like to share? Tweet @elisabeth_poling!

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