#SATech Tweets of the Week!

Getting behind on your twitter feed? Here are some of the top #SATech Tweets for the week of April 22nd!

Kathy Sisneros@sisneros623 8h

A Great Guide on Teaching Students about Digital Footprint…do you know yours? http://zite.to/YTa6Qt  #satech #edutech

Joe Sabado@JoeSabado 24 Apr

Some thoughts on Technology in Student Affairs Course. http://po.st/qx67Rs  #satech

Bruce Mann@brucebmann 24 Apr

Another great resource for design/image/presentation inspiration is niice.co –@niiceapp – An inspiration search engine #salive #satech

Laura Pasquini@laurapasquini 22 Apr

For my #advtech & #satech tweeps: How Can I Survive a Job that Makes Me Use Outdated Technology? http://bit.ly/ZgycZ0  asks @lifehacker

And don’t forget to tune in next week for a special discussion!

SATechTalk@SATechTalk 24 Apr

Join #satech chat next week for a special #sareads edition discussing “Alone Together!” Same bat-time, same bat-hashtag…or something.

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