#SAtech Tweets of the Week!

Hello everyone! Here are some of the #SAtech tweets we found most interesting/helpful/entertaining this week!

Lisa Endersby@lmendersby 2h

Important post from @mbloomingdale. You need to read this if you tweet once a month or 10 times a day. http://bit.ly/17ACccu  #sachat

Jake Frasier@jakefrasier 20 Jun

{New Post} Attention to detail: On Creating an Engaging Presentation http://bit.ly/1060aXz  // #SAtech #SAgrad

Rachel Luna@RachelHLuna 20 Jun

Helpful tips for #satech newsletter editors RT @writing4web: Accessibility requirements for email newsletters http://bit.ly/11XVXWH  #a11y

Josh Kohnert@JoshKohnert 20 Jun

{Latest Post} Teach yourself something new in Word with this tutorial! http://www.joshkohnert.com/5/post/2013/06/using-tab-stops-a-tutorial.html … #satech #edtech

jasonrobert@jasonrobert 20 Jun

{{New blog post}} On the topic of goodbyes http://wp.me/p3jfY9-2p  #sachat #satech

Lisa Endersby@lmendersby 20 Jun

Some interesting thoughts on digital identity & telling stories on the Internet from @sarahkpeck http://bit.ly/196NWUN  #satech #sachat

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