Have you heard about 8-Bit?

8 bit


This past week, NASPA announced a new conference called 8-Bit, and we at the NASPA TKC are VERY excited about it!

“NASPA 8-Bit employs a unique conference structure unlike anything you’ve experienced elsewhere:

  • Two speakers, two locations. 8-Bit will feature two leading thinkers at each conference who will get the creative juices going with an inspiring talk before getting the discussions underway on-site.
  • Syncronous and asynchronous format. Attendees will take part in brainstorming sessions between the two locations as well as with the person right next to them. Don’t worry though, you won’t miss anything! No matter which topic you’re most interested in you’ll be involved, regardless of your location.
  • Engagement. If you’re planning on just taking notes and listening in the back of the room, think again! 8-Bit will challenge attendees with thoughtful group discussions requiring participation from every person there.
  • Actionable. Discussing theory is great, but we want you to leave 8-Bit with a list of items that you can begin implementing the minute you’re on campus.
  • No boundaries. Attendees aren’t just allowed, but encouraged to go beyond the scope of the conference. Break down barriers, cause mayhem, and challenge your peers to think about problems in new and innovative ways.” (NASPA 8-Bit webpage)

For more information, and to register, click here!

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