iTunes U in ResLife?!

What is iTunes U?

Most of you have probably heard of iTunes U. iTunes U is an app created by Apple where faculty and staff can post course content for free. Anything from recorded lectures, podcasts, video clips, homework assignments, readings, etc. can be listed on iTunes U. The best part is that these materials become available to anyone with the app- not just the students taking the class.

How can you use iTunes U in ResLife?

The better question is how can’t we use it! There are SO MANY “courses” available. It’s a great way to get materials for a staff training session, a door to door program, social program, newsletter article and more. You could also create a course on the app and list materials for your staff or students to access.

Here are some of my favorite courses to use with my students and staff:

          The University of Arizona- Social Justice Programs

          University of New England- Diversity Lecture Series

          University of Virginia- I Am Diversity

          UCL- Accomodating Religious Diversity in a Secular Society

          NCPDI Social Studies- Personal Finance Literacy

          Texas A&M- Wired Study Tips

          Stanford- Election 2012 (outdated now, but good to keep in mind for future elections)

        My institution also has several courses available that I’ve used for programming and in outreach to students:

–          UNH Health Services- Reflections Meditation CD

–          UNH Health Services- Video (overview of services available)

–          UNH Housing- several videos

–          WSBE- several courses have materials posted

More information:

Have you found a creative way to use iTunes U in your work?

–     Beth Poling is a Residence Hall Director at the University of New Hampshire and the Publications Coordinator for the NASPA TKC

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