#SATech Tweets of the Week!

Kyle Hickman@kyle_a_hickman 8h

(via @markwschaefer) 7 Reasons Why You Need to Blog: http://bit.ly/1edMDAv  #satech #sachat @SAFirstYears

Amma Marfo@ammamarfo 31 Jul

Q4: Lots of talk about social media at the conferences I attended. Takeaway: it’s a tool, not a solution. Usage matters. #satech

Josh Kohnert@JoshKohnert 31 Jul

{Latest Post} Social Media and Educational Tech Lessons by iTunes U http://www.joshkohnert.com/5/post/2013/07/challenge-accepted-using-itunes-u.html … #EDtech #SAtech

Tony Doody@TonyDoody 30 Jul

The Reply To Email Overload? Prioritize — Or Turn It Off http://n.pr/13tz9eN  #salead #satech

Paul G. Brown@paulgordonbrown 26 Jul

If it helps, Here are my posts about presenting in an Ignite or PechaKucha style http://paulgordonbrown.wordpress.com/tag/pechakucha/  #satechbos #satech #edtech

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