8-Bit is coming!

Have you heard about NASPA 8-bit yet?! This is a conference unlike any other!

8 bit

“Have you ever been inspired by a session only to wonder how you could apply what you learned to your campus? At NASPA 8-Bit we don’t want you to just have cool ideas and discussions, we want you to have cool solutions! Working with other attendees you’ll address the main issues facing student affairs and work together to understand how technology can help you solve them.

In 2013, 8-Bit will be exploring these two areas:

  • How can college campuses supercharge their fundraising and development with innovative new tools and exciting online campaigns?
  • How does your campus draft a cohesive “digital identity” across its internal and external communications?

Facilitated by leading thinkers with real world experience in these areas, you’ll leave the conference with actionable ideas that you can implement on your campus the very next day.

A Unique Format

NASPA 8-Bit is employing a unique new format to the usual conference experience. To better serve your needs we’re offering the same conference in four locations on two separate days. Connecting each pair throughout the entire conference, you’ll seamlessly communicate with someone sitting next right next to you as well as hundreds of miles away!” (naspa.org)

For more information, and to register, go here!



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