#SATech Tweets of the Week

Joseph Ginese@JoeGinese 1h

#satech MT @JuddLegum: “Fluency in socialmedia is becoming less of a speciality & more of an expectation job market” http://bit.ly/17SdWQO

Lisa Endersby@lmendersby 1h

#satech #sachat RT @CdnStdntSuccess Employer perspectives of online degrees – A topic worth a lot more investigation http://ow.ly/oNYlg

SATechTalk@SATechTalk 2h

Check out yesterday’s #satech chat archive on early adoption of technology! http://storify.com/kristendom/satech-archive-september-11-2013 …

Christopher Conzen@clconzen 11 Sep

So who’s going to create the #SATech MOOC? Google and edX Create a MOOC Site for the Rest of Us http://buff.ly/19GXWk4

Paul Schantz@paulschantz 8 Sep

New to Google Apps? Here are some simple & useful tips for getting the most out of Google Drive http://blog.synergyse.com/2013/09/best-practices-for-managing-your-files.html … #edtech #satech

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