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So you think you can iPad?

Last year when I got my iPad for work, I was SO EXCITED to use it every way possible. I’m a pretty tech savvy individual, and I’d used iPad’s plenty, so I thought I knew all the tricks and tips for every day iPad use, even though I hadn’t owned one before. Well, I was wrong. There are a lot of ways that having an iPad has made me a more efficient administrator, and helped connect me with students, but I found out over time that I wasn’t taking advantage of all the quick shortcuts that can be used to make things even easier. Here are just a few of the helpful hints I’ve picked up.

Simple On Screen Keyboard Short Cuts:
– Instead of having to switch back and forth between the number keyboard and the letter keyboard
simply hold down on the number keyboard button, slide your finger to the number you want and
– By double tapping on the shift key (the upwards facing arrow) you go to caps lock
– Press and hold a letter to get additional symbols over letters (like a tilde, for example)
– To quickly add an apostrophe- flick up on comma key, or tap and hold the comma key
– To quickly add quotations- flick up on period key, or tap and hold period key
– Double tap space bar to get a period
– In emails and web applications, the keyboard changes- @ key appears, .com button appears, –
button appears

Other Time Saving Tips:
– When you are typing an email and are in the address field:
–  If you press and hold the period button you will see .edu, .com, .org, and .net appear. Slide
to the appropriate one for quicker email address typing!
– If you press and hold the dash button, several quick options appear as well
– When you are typing in a web address bar in a browser:  Tap and hold the period key  to get an

What is predictive typing?
-That little bubble that pops up with suggested words in it is called predictive typing. Using it
can help save you time, as well as check your spelling. Here are some quick tips for using it:
– Keep going when you make mistakes- the iPad will correct typing mistakes
– If you don’t like the suggestion, you can reject it by tapping the bubble. If you press the space
bar, the suggestion will automatically insert
– If you don’t like Predictive Typing, you can turn it off by going to Settings -> General ->
Keyboard -> then switching off auto-correction.

Copying and Pasting using the iPad:
– Tap and hold on word. A bubble will pop up that says “select/select all/replace”- choose which
you prefer. To copy, choose select or select all
– You will then see the word get highlighted in blue with two handle bars on either end- you can
drag these handle bars to encompass the appropriate amount of text. Tap again, select “copy”
– Tap where you want to paste the text, press “paste”

Other hints:

– Replace command gives other word options that are close to the word selected
– Can copy and paste into multiple applications (ex. From a web browser to a
– Can copy graphics and images as well

– You can also save an image by tapping and holding. It gets saved under photos -> albums -> camera

Are there any other tips you have picked up? How are you using iPads and other tablets in your work as a Student Affairs pro?

  Beth Poling is a Residence Hall Director at the University of New Hampshire, and the Publications Coordinator for the NASPA TKC


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